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How Fasting and Meal Timing Can Prevent Obesity and Diabetes

For many years people believed that if you burn the calories that you consume in a day, you can continue losing weight and prevent disease.

According to the latest research, all calories do not react the same way when metabolized via digestion. The timings of your meals and the time between each of your meals play an important role in obesity and diabetes incidents.


Reasons Why Removing Grains From The Diet Can be Healthy

A majority of health specialists believe that grains are the basis of a healthful diet. They dictate that one should eat a number of cereal servings in a day, as they contain an adequate supply of minerals, fiber and vitamins. They give such advice despite the fact that the human body is poorly adapted to consume grains and their consumption can lead to several health related complications.


Butter: Should It Be Banned?

Butter has gained a bad reputation in the world of health for having high saturated fat that supposedly leads to heart disease. In several countries across the world, consumption of butter has crashed down due to mass condemnation.


Tips to Stay Fit with Restaurant Food Too

According to experts, some restaurant food is more depraved of minerals than some food made at home. They suggest that in order to stay fit, healthy and lean, you should minimize certain types of restaurant food.


First Signs of Having HIV

Within 30-60 days of HIV entering your body, around 40% of people start experiencing flu-like symptoms termed as ARS or Acute Retroviral Syndrome. But in some cases, symptoms of HIV do not appear for several years; as much as a decade.