Monthly Archives: February 2013

Energy and Food

Humans need energy for basic survival. All the functions a human performs require energy.  That includes breathing, heart beating, and blinking. Our body consumes energy even if we are sleeping all day. Our muscles use it whenever we talk, look, walk, sit, carry something or even when we move our hand from one position to the other.



Health Benefits of Surfing

Surfing is a popular sport among men and women of all ages, skill levels and abilities. Surfing can give you much more emotional and physical benefits than just spending time on water in the sun.

This water sport promotes health and well being, including strength in the shoulders, legs, back and core, and cardiovascular fitness too.



Health Benefits of Sunlight

Recent researches have revealed that sunlight has properties to render several health benefits, and it can be extremely important for a healthy life. In addition to maintaining the humidity and temperature, sunlight also plays an important role in energizing and nourishing the human body.