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What you eat could make you smarter. Surprised? Don’t be. Research shows that certain nutrients can fuel your brainpower, helping increase memory and mental agility.

Breakfast: The Most Important Meal of The Day

Breakfast is undoubtedly the most significant meal of the day. The word itself can be split into two separate parts: ‘break’ and ‘fast’. This refers to the first meal you are taking after around 8 hours of sleep.

Eating a healthy breakfast every morning kick starts your metabolic process, provides essential nutrients to your body, protects you from diseases and helps in maintaining a healthy weight. Even after knowing all these benefits of having a healthy breakfast, around 30% of people skip breakfast.


World’s Healthiest Sea Vegetables

As compared to vegetables grown on land, such as carrots and broccoli, sea vegetables receive very little attention in the field of health foods.

This is unfortunate, as the nutritional value of regular vegetables can suffer due to environmental pollution and soil erosion, average seaweed can still contain more than 70 photo-nutrients and minerals.


Healthy Valentine’s Day Treat Recipes For Your Loved One

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast, and this is a perfect time to whip up a few creative treats for yourself and your loved ones. While Valentine’s Day is particularly associated with a sweet treat like candies and chocolates, you can create some delicious treats for your loved ones while still keeping it healthy.


Healthy Foods That Can Make You Steamy Till Valentine’s Day

The hunt for attractive foods has been going on since ancient times, and certain foods come in a healthy form. If you want to get into the mood for Valentine’s Day, understand that these foods can really help in spicing things up.
Foods like chocolates, figs, and oysters are known to ignite passion, desire, love and energy. So, race your heartbeat with these healthy foods:


Fish Oil and Its Health Benefits

The word oil freaks out most people who are conscious about their health and weight. But here, we are talking about one oil which is definitely beneficial to your health, and can even help you in reducing weight.

Fish oil has numerous health benefits and is effective in curing many types of illnesses. Let us see how fish oil can help in improving our overall health.