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What you eat could make you smarter. Surprised? Don’t be. Research shows that certain nutrients can fuel your brainpower, helping increase memory and mental agility.

Tips to Stay Fit with Restaurant Food Too

According to experts, some restaurant food is more depraved of minerals than some food made at home. They suggest that in order to stay fit, healthy and lean, you should minimize certain types of restaurant food.


Habits That May Be Draining Your Battery

Most of us work to our extent from Monday to Friday, and then crash on weekends. We wake up in the mornings, thrive on coffee, miss meals and rarely go to the gym.

Weekends allow us to get ready for the coming Monday so that the daily routine can begin again. But yet, we want more energy to keep going.


An Egg in Breakfast Can Help in Fighting Flab

We all know that eggs contain protein, zinc and iron which are very important for our health. We also know that eating eggs is good for our skin. Very few of us actually know that eating eggs in breakfast can be helpful in weight loss as well.

In a clinical study conducted at Louisiana State University, some over-weight women having low fat diets were asked to eat 2 eggs at breakfast everyday for 8 weeks, while others were given a bagel 1.


Ways to Deal with Food Cravings

Usually, the food items that we crave are emotionally comforting to them , but as far as nutrition is concerned, they are not very healthy. Therefore, we should find some ways to deal with such food cravings.


Top Foods for Skin Health

Is your skin lacking that healthy glow? Can’t get rid of dry skin no matter how hard you try? The answer could be in your diet. Certain minerals and vitamins are essential for skin health.

If you’re not getting enough of them, your skin might be suffering in the process. Sure, you could reach out for a bottle of vitamins –but you’d be missing out on other benefits, such as the added fiber and hydration you get from eating water-rich fruits and vegetables.