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As you reach old age, your life starts becoming monotonous. Start live healthier and better.

Secrets To A Healthy Heart

Most of the time, we associate the heart with love and romance, but we forget about the true function it plays in our body and existence. Our heart is almost the size of our fist, and it is a vital organ in our body system.

It is equipped with its own energy which enables it to facilitate continuous blood supply to all parts of our body. This supply of blood fuels our body along with its organs, and because of which our body functions as an entire unit.



Tips to Trounce Obesity in Children

With all the technological advancements made to date, our children are leading a more inactive lifestyle than us. Sitting in front of the computer monitor, ipad, tablet, or TV screen for long periods of time is making them over-weight and less healthy.

Snacking while watching TV is one of the major reasons why our children are becoming over-weight. Absence of physical activity also causes them to retain excess calories, which results in obesity that leads to several health related issues at a very early age.


Proper Nutrition During Growth Years

Childhood is a unique phase of fun-filled experience and learning. Your child may miss his opportunities if he is always sick. He or she may miss out on outings and field trips just because he has a cold or the flu.

Most of the time, sickness is due to unhealthy eating habits. The problem may lie in not knowing what your child eats for lunch at school.


How Much Sugar Should One Eat?

There is no hard and fast rule about how much sugar one should consume in a day. But we definitely all know that we should try to at least decrease the amount of sugar we eat everyday as part of a regular diet.

A typical diet includes around 1 cup of sugar every day, which adds up to around 150 pounds of sugar in a year. This is a significant amount and a good reason to start thinking about reducing sugar in our diet.


Benefits of Using Herbal Supplements Over Prescription Medicines

Keeping in mind the side effects associated with prescription medicines, an increasing number of people are subjecting themselves to herbal health products for healing and health.

People across the globe have been using plants and their extracts for centuries to cure different kinds of ailments, infections and diseases.