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Trying to lose weight? There is a multitude of exercises that promise to help you gain muscle quickly. Stay lean and skinny.

Can You Skip A Workout Today?

Dithering is something almost everyone of us do at some time or other, especially when it comes to exercise. You always have an excuse, you may be too tired, you may have many other things to do, or you may justify it by saying that you will do it later or you will do some extra work tomorrow.


Health Benefits of Surfing

Surfing is a popular sport among men and women of all ages, skill levels and abilities. Surfing can give you much more emotional and physical benefits than just spending time on water in the sun.

This water sport promotes health and well being, including strength in the shoulders, legs, back and core, and cardiovascular fitness too.



What To Look For In A Gym

Once you have made up your mind to commit yourself to a physical fitness routine, you may choose to join a gym to stay  disciplined. But like any other thing available in the market, gym facilities too have multiple choices.

Many of the things that you should look for in a gym are just common sense, while others need a little extra effort and knowledge. It is up to you to select what is important for you.


Importance of Wearing Gloves While Exercising

Weight training has become an in-thing now-a-days. Whether you are an older adult or an athlete, weight training exercises are the same: you have to use dumbbells, barbells and other machines for strengthening your muscles.

The problem that most people encounter after lifting weights is blisters on their hands, especially with women. That is why it is good to wear gloves before starting your workout.