Benefits of a Raw Diet

Eating raw might not sound too appealing — after all, who wants to eat just crunchy veggies and salads for the rest of their lives?

A raw diet is so much more than just fruits and vegetables. If you’re willing to work a bit harder, you could be eating everything from raw cookies and bread to sprouted grains and much more.

Girl holding bunch of carrots

Girl holding bunch of carrots

If you’re not sure why a raw diet is a good idea, check out some of the benefits of cutting out cooked foods:

  • Increased energy

We live in a world of junk food, mega sugar and extra fat. While sugar can provide you with a quick burst of energy, it’s a short-lived energy — followed by a quick crash and burn that will leave you moody and exhausted. On the other hand, raw foods are “live” foods — they contain all the nutrients needed to keep your body functioning at its best, so you can feel strong and energized at all times.

  • More vitamins

When you cook foods, especially veggies, part of their digestive enzymes and nutrients get destroyed in the process. Raw food is full of nutrients, especially antioxidants such as vitamins A, E and C.

  • No more digestion problems

Messed-up tummies are often due to lack to fiber in your diet. The best source of fiber? Fresh fruits and vegetables, which are the main bulk of a raw diet.

  • No more weight problems

It’s practically impossible to be overweight if you follow a raw diet. After all, you’ll be eating no sugar, no added fats (only natural fats such as that present in nuts and some cold-pressed oils) and no added calories. If you’re having trouble keeping your weight under control, switching to a raw diet (even a partial raw diet) will help you drop the pounds without even trying.

  • A healthier heart

Heart disease is directly connected to high cholesterol. And what’s the main source of cholesterol? Animal products such as meats and dairy, which you won’t be consuming — at least not in large amounts — if you’re following a raw diet.

There are many benefits to be considered in consuming a raw diet.  You may not be able to switch to an all raw diet, but if you start incorporating more raw foods into your diet, you will begin to see health and weight improvements.



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