How to Stay on a Diet

Trying to control what you eat and how much? Staying on track when you’re trying to lose weight can be a tough battle. This is especially true if you tend to eat out or on-the-go a lot.

The good news? Making a few small adjustments can make your weight loss program much easier to maintain.

Try to avoid snacking. Just a couple of snacks a day can add up to 200-300 calories by the time the evening rolls around. Keep it up, and you can actually gain a couple of pounds a month. Eating while watching TV, “having a taste” while you’re cooking or trying “just one more piece” of cake can completely throw your calorie count off balance.

Eat more protein

  • Protein fills you up and helps keep your blood sugar well-balanced, so you don’t experience cravings and hunger just a couple of hours after a meal. That doesn’t mean you should eat only protein and shun other food groups, but making sure you have some protein with each meal makes a big difference.

  • Choose low-fat protein –such as skinless chicken or turkey, fish and low-fat dairy products- to cut down your calorie intake.

Drink more water

  • Seltzer water or diet drinks are also acceptable if you can’t stand the idea of drinking just plain water all day long. Dehydration can easily be mistaken for hunger. This means you’ll end up grabbing a snack while in reality all your body needs is something to drink.

  • Don’t drink anything that contains calories if you’re trying to lose weight. Even fresh fruit juices can break havoc in your weight loss efforts. Want some green in your life? Drink vegetable juices, which are low in sugar and calories.

Stay away from temptation

  • Don’t buy the things you’re trying to avoid eating. Ask the other people in the house to indulge their craving for ice cream when they go out, so you don’t have to look at a container every time you open the freezer.

  • They want pizza? Send them out to get some instead of ordering one over the phone. If you’re not around the foods that can ruin your diet efforts, you’ll be less likely to indulge in them.