Why People Fail to Lose Weight with Dieting

Have you recently come across a diet program that you think can help you in losing weight? Do you think that this diet program will be good for your health too?

woman makes a choiceWeight loss is generally meant to improve your overall health, but does this program aim at losing weight in a healthy manner?  A lot of people go on diets every day, but let us look at some of the reasons why most of them fail.

  • Diets are not everyone’s cup of tea

As soon as you go on a diet, you start feeling as if you are punished for something. You start thinking about the pleasures you are missing, and the difficulties you are putting up with. Most people going on a diet do not get support from their family members. This is probably the main reason why most people fail with their diet program.

  • Diets are boring

For how long can you follow a boring diet program? Most diets need you to eat foods that are unappetizing and boring. Eating the same foods everyday can be boring.  Some diets even ask you to have cabbage soup for an entire week. Such diets can be loathsome and most people fail with them.  And who wants to count points?  We just want to eat food, enjoy it, and not feel hungry.

  • Diets hold up the joys of living

During your diet, you may need to resist going on a trip or miss a family gathering. If you go, you may fall into the trap of delicious foods, and feel guilty for several days after that. If you succeed in sticking to your diet, then you will miss the fun all other people are having while eating turkey and sipping champagne. That is why, most people do not complete their diet successfully.

  • Diet is a temporary fix to an enduring problem

Simply cutting down calorie count for a few days will not be the real answer to your problem. To keep down the weight you lost, you will have to change your entire style of living. If you follow a diet program, you may lose weight after a few days, but it will return back once you go back to eating regularly.

  • Dieting can be harmful for your health

In any case, your body needs an entire range of proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, fibers and phytonutrients. If your diet program restricts certain types of foods, it can seriously harm your health in the long run.

Now that you know dieting fails in helping us lose weight, you must be wondering about what else you can do for your purpose. The answer is that you should substitute unhealthy items with healthier ones, drink water in place of juice and sugared drinks, put less food on your plate, and eat slowly.


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