Alcoholism in Teenagers

Teenage alcoholism refers to the progressive and excessive use of alcohol by adolescents or young adults between 12 to 21 years of age.

According to studies, people who start drinking alcohol before the age of 15 are more likely to become addicted to it than those who start drinking after 18 years.

Most of the time, teenagers start drinking alcohol because of any of the following reasons:

teen girl is relaxing

teen girl is relaxing

Some are just curious and want to be part of the group.

Some feel older after drinking alcohol, as it gives them an elderly image among peers.

Some drink at parties, nightclubs and get togethers, as it gives them more enjoyment by making them feel relaxed.

Some drink alcohol to forget about sad things in their life and help them sleep better.

Some drink everyday to get through their daily schedule, as they are just addicted to alcohol.

  • How alcohol can effect teen health

Undoubtedly, alcohol has several negative effects on human health, but it does a lot of harm particularly to a teenagers’ body . Teenage years are the period of life in which several mental and physical changes are taking place, and alcohol can stop or derail them from happening efficiently.

  • Alcohol can lead to liver or kidney damage, and can result in premature aging due to alcohol drinking from a very early age.

Drinking alcohol can also result in impotence in boys and lack of libido in girls. Alcohol addiction can lead to lack of mental as well as physical energy in teenagers, which ultimately effects their health and career.  Alcohol can impair their thinking and concentration abilities, this leads to issues with concentration on their studies and other areas of life get impacted negatively as well.

  • How alcohol can impinge on their social life

Several countries have banned people from driving after drinking alcohol, as most cases involve crushing people to death on roads after drunk driving. According to a teen treatment center, most road accidents are caused by teenagers driving under the influence of alcohol.  Crimes of passion among teenagers is also manifested by alcohol drinking.

Under the influence of alcohol , a teenager can lose inhibitions, give way to his or her hidden desires, commit sexual crimes, and even kill a person due to fits of rage. Cases of sexual molestation and rape are high among teenagers who use alcohol for luring girls to bed. Cases of unwanted abortions and pregnancies are high among teenagers practicing sex after consumption of alcohol.

  • So, if you are still in your teenage years and you feel that you have may have an addiction to alcohol, don’t wast time, and get help from a nearby teen treatment center.