An Egg in Breakfast Can Help in Fighting Flab

We all know that eggs contain protein, zinc and iron which are very important for our health. We also know that eating eggs is good for our skin. Very few of us actually know that eating eggs in breakfast can be helpful in weight loss as well.

In a clinical study conducted at Louisiana State University, some over-weight women having low fat diets were asked to eat 2 eggs at breakfast everyday for 8 weeks, while others were given a bagel 1.

Those who were given eggs lost 65% more weight, reported greater energy level improvements, and had 83% more reductions in their waist circumference after 8 weeks. Let us see how eggs in breakfast can help in fighting flab.

  • How eggs help in losing fat

In some of the diet plans, the weight you lose is due to reduced lean muscle tissue only. A good diet plan should not include this. Eggs have Leucine, an amino acid which prevents loss of the lean muscle. The good thing about weight loss with eggs is that the weight that you loose is from other parts of your body. Leucine is essential in promotion of fat loss.

  • Leucine

Leucine increases muscle protein synthesis, thus slowing down muscle tissue degradation. It is utilized in the muscle tissue and adipose tissue for sterol formation, and in the liver too. In short, this amino acid is helpful in building muscle, reducing fat and utilizing glucose in blood to produce energy.

  •  Eggs

As eggs are high in protein, they facilitate improved satiety. If you feel full, you end up eating less. Since eggs are a great recipe for breakfast, they are highly beneficial for starting the day with fullness and energy. They provide metabolism that can burn more efficiently. They allow maintenance of lean muscle mass and burning of excess fat in the form of stored fuel.

  • Overall Health Benefits

Apart from burning fat, eggs also help in stabilizing glucose levels in your blood. Keeping in view the increasing potential of developing diabetes, a large number of doctors around the world recommend their patients to eat eggs on a regular basis. This can be helpful in staving off chances of developing diabetes.

  • Keeping in view all these weight loss and health benefits of eggs, they can be a great breakfast recipe to start your day. Try to make eggs a part of your everyday diet, especially the egg whites.