Benefits of Alkaline Foods

The American diet is very acidic due to the high consumption of meat and grains. Eating a diet that’s too acidic can affect the chemical pH balance of your body, leading to a number of health problems. The only way to change this is to increase your consumption of alkaline foods (mainly fruits and vegetables).

Eating more alkaline foods has many benefits, including:

  • Young lady reading in bed.

    Young lady reading in bed.

    Lowering the risk of kidney stones. Acidic diets raise your urine pH, making kidney stones a very real possibility.

  • Lowering your risk of cancer, especially colon cancer. Cancer has been associated with a diet high in animal proteins. In addition, fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants, which protect cells from aging and can reduce the risk of developing a number of chronic and acute diseases.

  • Increasing energy levels. Alkaline foods improve the health of cells, including those cells that transport oxygen inside the body. When oxygen distribution in the blood is poor, you feel tired and experience an overall lack of energy.

  • Lowering inflammation in the body. Inflammation can lead to a weaker immune system, a higher risk of developing heart disease, worsening of diabetes symptoms (for those already diagnosed with the disease), and a loss of memory and brain function.

  • Helping you lose weight. Because alkaline foods are high in fiber and don’t contain added chemicals, sugars or fats, they are also lower in calories.  If you’ve been trying to lose weight, simply increasing the amount of alkaline foods you eat can make a huge difference on the scale.

To benefit from alkaline foods, you don’t have to give up other foods completely. Instead, focus on increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables you eat and decreasing the amount of acidic foods you consume. In particular, avoid red meats, dairy products, sugar and alcoholic beverages as much as possible. You can set up replacements for some of those things in order to reduce acidic foods without having to give up the things you like completely. For example, pure maple syrup and raw honey are better choices than sugar, and whole grain flour is better than processed white flour.


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