Best Health Foods for Teenagers

Teenage is the period of development and growth for both body and mind. It is this age when a person’s several body functions and systems reach their peak.

Therefore, significance of a healthy diet for teens cannot be neglected. During this age, teenagers need sources that facilitate proper development and growth, and this can be surely done with eating healthy foods.

  • As a teenager or as a parent of a teenager, you have to be extremely careful while buying foods, as nutritional requirements for this age group are higher and different than others.

CookingDiet for a teenager should be balanced, which means that it should contain all the necessary nutrients including minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fibers and vitamins, B, C and E. It should also contain proper combination of a variety of fluids and other liquids.


  • Proteins are very important for the bone and muscle growth in teenagers. Proteins are a basic source of energy too. Some of the protein-rich foods include soya beans, yoghurt, milk, low-fat milk and cheese.

  • Dry fruits are also rich in calcium and protein, and are much needed for the growth of teenagers.


  • Carbohydrates are also importance for growth and development of teenagers. Milk and potato are the major sources of carbohydrates, in addition to maize, rice, wheat and roasted grains.


  • Teenagers need fiber rich food in good amounts. Major sources are green vegetables, green peas, orange, apple, corn, wheat, buns, muffins, raspberries and strawberries.


  • Honey is one of the best health foods for teenagers. Experts recommend to take honey everyday in the morning on empty stomach.

  • It is also important to cure several diseases during teenage, including cough, cold, throat soreness, diarrhea and skin related problems.


  • Iron is extremely important for the development of bone and muscles in teenagers. Regular diet rich in iron can make the teenagers ready for future life. Girls in teenage require more iron than boys, as girls lose iron every month during menstruation cycles.

  • Non-vegetarian teenagers can take red meat and fish, which are good sources of iron. In addition to that, cereals, green vegetables, pulses, lentils and beans are also rich in iron.

Vitamin C

  • Vitamin C is extremely important for teenagers. Teens are recommended to take oranges and lemons in good amounts.

These are some of the best health foods that are important for the development and growth of teenagers.