Healthy Valentine’s Day Treat Recipes For Your Loved One

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast, and this is a perfect time to whip up a few creative treats for yourself and your loved ones. While Valentine’s Day is particularly associated with a sweet treat like candies and chocolates, you can create some delicious treats for your loved ones while still keeping it healthy.
Some of the top healthy recipes that you can create on Valentine’s Day are:

  • Valentine’s Day kabobs

Cute couple enjoy healthy eating outdoors in the park.

Cute couple enjoy healthy eating outdoors in the park.

One way you can let your loved ones indulge in an exclusive Valentine’s Day treat without compromising on the nutritional value, is by making some fruit kabobs with yogurt dip instead of whipped cream or chocolate. Buy some pink or red plastic skewers and load them up with cherries, strawberries, red seedless grapes and watermelon. Heart-shaped cookie cutters are also available which you can use to cut berries and watermelon into heart shapes. This will add mood to its festive look. Use low-fat vanilla yogurt as a dip. Strawberry yogurt can also be perfect for your Valentine’s Day theme.

  • Heart-shaped muffins

This is another great treat idea for your Valentine. For breakfast, make some heart shaped muffins. To make them, you will not require a special muffin-pan. Just fill the muffin liners with batter and press some tin foil, rolled to ½ inch thick between the pan and the muffin liner to shape the muffins into a heart.

  • Strawberry roll-ups

Gather 4 (6 inch) soft tortilla shells, 4 Tbsp. strawberry jam,  and low fat strawberry cream cheese. Spread the strawberry cream cheese uniformly on each tortilla.  Add 1 Tbsp. of strawberry jam and spread on its center. Fold in the tortilla edges about 2 inches, and roll them up in a jelly roll style.  Slice them into 2 inch bites. This will make a perfect Valentine’s Day snack.

  • Fruit smoothies

If your loved ones enjoy fruit smoothies, then serve them this Valentine’s Day to show how much you appreciate them, in a tasty yet nutritious way.  These smoothies are easy to make. Just mix a blend of fruits in a blender and add some fruit juice for liquid. Serve them in a decorated Dixie cup, embellished with cocktail umbrellas. You can write your secret message too on this umbrella to give them a special Valentine’s Day touch.

In order to stay with the theme of the Valentine’s Day, use mostly red juices and fruits. Raspberries and strawberries are excellent options, and you can mix in some bananas too without changing the color. These healthy treats will add some special touches to the Valentine’s Day for you and your loved ones.