How To Develop Healthy Eating Habits

Eating healthy is a matter of choice. After all, it’s just as easy to step into a fast-food restaurant and order a burger and large fries, than to head to a local diner and order a salad instead.

When it comes to healthy eating, it’s the small choices you make every day that make all the difference. Here are a few tips to get you started on changing your eating habits.

  • Prepare your own meals as often as possible. Eating on the go once in a while is okay, but if you make it a regular practice, you’ll end up eating lots of processed foods, high-fat snacks and other not-so-great options. Always on the go?

  • Get into the habit of taking healthy snacks with you –such as cereal bars, fruits and low-fat yogurts—wherever you go, so you don’t have to worry about having something to eat.

  • Don’t skip meals. If you skip breakfast or lunch, you’re more likely to overeat when dinner time comes around, because you’ll be starving.

  • Start drinking more water. While, ideally, you should be drinking at least eight glasses a day, you don’t have to start with something so high. Instead, try just “drinking more.”

  • A bit of extra water, a bit more there –the amount will add up. Can’t stand the taste of plain water?

  • Add a bit of lemon juice to the water or drink seltzer water. Or mix a third of fruit juice with 2/3 of water for a flavor kick.

  • Make small changes, such as switching from full-fat dairy to low-fat products. Eat more brown rice instead of white and more whole-wheat bread than white bread.

  • Serve one less tablespoon of rice and add more vegetables to your plate instead. Add a little less salt and a little less sugar to your foods and drinks. Those little changes add up.

  • Make your meals smaller. You don’t need to diet to keep a healthy, steady weight. By cutting your meals down by just 20-30 percent, you’ll end up saving lots of calories.