Pomegranate Juice Can Actually Improve Your Heart’s Health

High blood pressure and heart disease are co-related, and keeping blood pressure under control is significant to prevent any heart disease. Pomegranate juice is a rich source of antioxidants, such as tannins, anthocyanins and polyphenols.

Health benefits associated with pomegranate juice are commonly compared to purple grape juice, black tea and red wine.

Fresh juice

Fresh juice in cup and ripe pomegranates on a wooden table.

With all its properties, pomegranate juice can actually help in improving your heart’s health. Here are a few health benefits associated with it:

  • Can reduce atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis isone of the major causes of a heart disease. In a study, patients suffering from coronary heart disease were given 240ml of pomegranate juice everyday for 3 months. After 3 months, ischemia was noted to be reduced in those patients. Ischemia refers to a condition in which flow of blood is restricted due to blockage.

  • Can reduce blood pressure

According to studies, pomegranate juice proves to be successful in not only improving flow of blood to the patient’s cardiovascular system, but also helps in reducing inflammation and blood pressure. The juice can reduce lesions in blood vessels of patients with atherosclerosis, and can also decrease thickness of blood vessels of patients suffering from a heart disease. Type 2 diabetic patients who drink pomegranate juice on a regular basis can note a decrease in their lipid levels in blood.

  • Can prevent heart disease in future

In a study, rats were given a solution which could induce heart disease. Half of them were given pomegranate juice too for 30 days. The rats which were given pomegranate juice were less affected by the heart disease inducing solution. This proves that pomegranate juice is effective in preventing heart disease in future too.

  • Medical experts strongly support consumption of pomegranate juice on a regular basis in order to improve heart’s health. High blood pressure is one of the most common medical conditions among masses today, mainly because of poor diet and sedentary lifestyle exercised by today’s busy people.

If patients do not start making changes in their lifestyle and consuming a healthier food, they will surely need to be treated with medicines.

In order to avoid such a situation, you should start taking measures to prevent any such condition. By keeping your blood pressure under control, pomegranate juice helps in preventing any kind of heart disease in future, which can eventually save you from any unnecessary medicines and surgeries. So, make pomegranate juice a regular part of your daily diet and keep such diseases at bay.


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