Tips to Stay Fit with Restaurant Food Too

According to experts, some restaurant food is more depraved of minerals than some food made at home. They suggest that in order to stay fit, healthy and lean, you should minimize certain types of restaurant food.

Eating in a restaurant

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Here are a few tips that you can try out at a restaurant and never fear a meal at a restaurant:




  • Beware of olive oil

Olive oil is all fat and bread can soak it up like a sponge. Butter is a better option as it can be easily kept track of. So, while ordering at a restaurant, ask for heart friendly extra virgin olive oil, and add some balsamic vinegar to boost flavor and also cut calories and fat.

  • Avoid small plates

Even if a super fried dish is served in the restaurant in small plates, they weigh more than enough to increase your calorie count. Even a lighter seeming avocado crostini or pesto shrimp can have 640 calories per plate. They are calorie bombs and not even fill you up. Therefore, while ordering at a restaurant, look for something that is grilled. If you are ordering more than one appetizer, make sure that one is a vegetable and the other a protein. In this way, you will soon feel satisfied and you will not splurge on a 3rd small plate.

  • Ask the chef

Chefs in the restaurant’s kitchen care only about taste, and they are least concerned about calories. The best method to enhance taste of food is to add more salt and fat, and both ingredients are enemies to your health. Before placing your order, ask whether there is butter or cream in the dish. The menu description is not to be trusted, as full preparation is never mentioned there.

  • Order plain veggies

Steamed vegetables are rich in antioxidants and fiber, but chefs may finish them with oil and butter to make them taste better. Some also toss them in bacon drippings. If you are ordering plain veggies in a restaurant, look for the word dry. Also keep in mind that veggies with soft interiors like mushrooms and eggplants absorb more oil than roots like parsnips and sweet potatoes. So make your decision wisely.

  • At a restaurant, you may be thinking that you are ordering a healthy dish, but calories have several ways of entering into restaurant choices. By following these tips, you can order wisely at when dining out and still maintain your health.


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