Tips to Trounce Obesity in Children

With all the technological advancements made to date, our children are leading a more inactive lifestyle than us. Sitting in front of the computer monitor, ipad, tablet, or TV screen for long periods of time is making them over-weight and less healthy.

Snacking while watching TV is one of the major reasons why our children are becoming over-weight. Absence of physical activity also causes them to retain excess calories, which results in obesity that leads to several health related issues at a very early age.

the little boy stretched out his hand with

the little boy stretched out his hand with a raised thumb isolated on a white background.

In the US, one out of every 3 children is suffering from type 2 diabetes.

Apart from this, obesity in children can also lead to sleep apnea, weak joints and poor bladder control. Here are some of the ways with which you can fight against obesity in your child:

  • Turn off the computer, TV, and video games

Turn off the electronic devices and encourage your child to get involved in a much more productive activity. When you switch these off, they will automatically find some other activity in which they will actually move. If you cannot completely switch them off, at least set a limit to how much they can use them.

  • Send them outside to play

Let them run around with friends, ride bikes and go on rollerblades. Most kids enjoy playing outside. This gives them a chance to use their imagination and exercise at the same time. Both of these are important for their well-being and growth.

  • Stop bringing any junk food into the house

Eating out once in while may not hurt, but eating junk food constantly can be horrible for your growing child. In order to keep your children away from junk food, stop buying it and bringing it into your house. They will hardly go out and buy some for themselves.

  • Give your children more water and healthy snacks

Water and fruits are great snacks for a growing child. With time, your child will develop a taste for fruits, and they will no longer be interested in sweets and other snacks. Also let them know that fruits and water are better for them in the long run.

  • Set a routine for your children

Set a time when your children should get up, have breakfast, lunch and dinner, go to bed etc. In this way, they will adjust to their daily routine, and they will live their life in a more disciplined way. You can also set one time each day when they can eat the food of their choice. This will disallow them to keep snacking all day.

After following these tips, you can set a healthier lifestyle for your child, thus protecting them from obesity.


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