Ways to Deal with Food Cravings

Usually, the food items that we crave are emotionally comforting to them , but as far as nutrition is concerned, they are not very healthy. Therefore, we should find some ways to deal with such food cravings.

  • Frequent snacking with healthy foods

Healthy Eating on Thanksgiving, drinking Wine at the tableOne of the ways to deal with food cravings is to frequently snack on healthy foods like raw fruits and veggies. In this way, you will avoid hunger and cravings will not strike.


  • Inaccessibility

One way to overcome cravings is to not keep unhealthy foods in the house. In this way, whenever you may have such cravings, the unhealthy food will not be available in your house, and you will be spared from eating it. Instead, your hunger will cause you to turn to healthier alternatives such as nuts, raw veggies, and dried fruit.

  • Find distractions

Whenever you feel a food craving coming on, try to distract yourself by doing some work or getting involved in a social activity. You can even call a friend so that you forget about the craving during the conversation.

Getting busy will take your mind off from the craving and redirect you towards something more creative and productive. For example, if you feel like eating chocolate while sitting on the couch, you should get up and do a little cleaning around the house.

  • Controlled portions

If you do not want to deprive yourself of your favorite food, you can set limits to how much you should eat. Whenever you crave something unhealthy, you can eat a limited amount of the food, instead of having a bowl full of it. Usually, a small portion of the food you crave for will satisfy your craving.

  • Choosing healthier alternatives

Sometimes, people may crave for a food because their body needs a particular nutrient. For example, craving for a salty food can be an indication of dehydration. In that case, you can drink a glass full of water or a cup of herbal tea.

If you are craving for a sweet thing, then eat a fruit. Make healthier food choices and you will overcome your cravings. Not only will you avoid unhealthy foods, but the healthy alternatives will also provide your body the needed minerals or nutrients.

  • Now that you know some ways to overcome food cravings, you should also understand that an occasional treat is not that bad, but overindulgence can be dangerous. All these ways help you in dealing with food cravings without the need for taking any dietary supplements which may hurt your body or resisting foods that you want to enjoy.


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