Importance of Multivitamins for Health and Fitness

Now-a-days, it is very difficult to find the necessary nutrition level from food alone. Due to increased usage of pesticides and pollution, mineral content in the soils has diminished significantly. Certain methods of cooking also destroy the necessary minerals and vitamins present in food items. 

Harmful hormones in our meat, poultry and dairy products also pose risks, and they also lower down the nutritional value of the foods.

holding cauliflower and bell pepperTherefore, it has become essential today to supplement the diet with multivitamins.

How do multivitamins help?

  • A good quality multivitamin supplement helps in development of general body functions, and also in improvement of the person’s physical and mental condition.

  • Multivitamins include all the nutrients and minerals needed for proper functioning and development of the body.

  • Special multivitamins are also available to meet the requirements of specific individuals, such as pregnant women and elderly patients.

  • There are 13 different vitamins that your body needs to keep functioning properly, including vitamins A, B, B12, C, D, E, K and seven B complex vitamins.

  • Deficiency of any of these vitamins can lead to serious illness, and even death in extreme cases.

  • This is why vitamin supplementation is necessary. Multivitamins counteract the physical condition caused due to deficiency of any such vitamin.

  • Vitamin E neutralizes harmful free agents in your body, and helps in maintaining healthy skin, heart, red blood cells, muscles, nerves and blood circulation.

  • Vitamin C fights against blood cell infection, and helps in wound healing and formation of capillaries, collagen, teeth and bone structures.

Health benefits of multivitamins

  • The major benefit of multivitamins is to prevent deficiency of any vitamin or nutrient. Certain individual circumstances may also increase your dietary needs, when you need to supplement your diet with multivitamins.

  •  For example: pregnant women are recommended to take prenatal multivitamins, especially during the 1st trimester. This provides sufficient nutrition not only to the mother, but also to the unborn child.  *women who are trying to get pregnant should be taking a good multivitamin that includes folic acid to prepare the woman’s body for a healthy pregnancy.*

  • Other conditions like alcoholism, smoking, old age and excessive exposure to pollution also cause long-term harm to the body, which can be counteracted by multivitamin supplementation successfully.

  • If you have a busy life and do not have much time to keep up with your health needs, then multivitamins can help you in leading a healthy life.

  • According to experts, daily multivitamins can also minimize the risks of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

If you suspect that the food you consume is not so nutritious and that you are deficient in any vitamin or mineral, then taking multivitamin supplementation can help in fighting against any deficiencies.