Pay Attention to Personal Hygiene for Better Health

Personal hygiene is one thing that you cannot compromise on. Keeping ourselves clean is essential not only for personal grooming, but also for our health. It is one way with which you can have a sense of self-confidence, self-assurance, and a happy personality.

If you know that you are completely clean and groomed, you will never shy away from getting near others, especially those close to you.

  • Wash hands

Pulling out some dental floss

Personal Hygiene

Never under-estimate the importance of washing your hands. Our hands touch alot of different places, and they will pick up many different types of germs and bacteria. You may put your hands into your eyes and mouth, and invite an entire range of diseases and illnesses.

So, it is extremely important to wash your hands every time you go to a public place or a bathroom. Do not forget to wash your hands before you eat anything.

This will ensure that you do not lick any bacteria off your hands if the food is too good. Also wash hands before and after cooking food, as you don’t want to add impurities to your recipes and you also do not want them to smell of garlic and ginger afterwards.

  • Take a shower daily

If you do not prefer bathing everyday, at least take a shower. Our dear planet is full of pollution these days, and you do not want your city’s grime to stay on your body for too long. If the pollution can destroy brick and mortar over time, your body is no competition for that.

  • Trim nails

Depending on the growth rate of your nails, you should trim them at least every fortnight. The purpose is to prevent grime from settling in, on, and under your nails. Their size should be neither too short that they look kiddish, nor too long that they look like a vampire’s. Long nails may be a fashion statement for you, but they are definitely not good practice for your health.

Long nails can be extremely dangerous if you have children around, as you may accidentally hurt them.  The longer your nails, the more chances to pick up dirt and germs.

  • Groom your hair

Make sure that your hair is trimmed and combed neatly. Rough hair gives you a dirty look, even if you take good care of your personal hygiene. So, get your hair trimmed regularly,and shampoo your hair at least two times per week.

By keeping these few personal hygiene tips in mind, you can completely transform your look and also give yourself a chance to have a better and longer life.


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