Tips to Prevent Kidney Infections

Kidney infection is one of the most prevalent reasons for kidney failures, kidney stones and other complications in most patients. Such infections can be easily prevented in most cases, only with a little care and a few useful tips:

  • backside of a young girl, with tattoo sitting at the bankDrink at least 10 glasses of water every day.

The water that you drink passes into the urinary tract, thereby flushing out any harmful substances present inside or any bacteria that may cause infection.

  • Add two glasses of cranberry juice in your diet.

Being a great antibiotic, this juice prevents formation of any bio-film layer and flushes out any harmful micro-organisms present inside. Cranberry supplements are also available in the form of fresh powder, dried powder, capsules, tablets, cocktails and juices.

  • Vitamin C

Take two vitamin C tablets everyday with food, but do not take it without consulting with your doctor. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that can strengthen your body and decrease the substances which can harden your kidneys.

  • Coffee

Reduce intake of coffee, any caffeinated or carbonated drinks and any other high-acidic beverages. Ingredients present in such beverages may harden your kidney, thus increasing the chances of forming kidney stones.

  • Never take a pain killer and acetaminophen along with an antibiotic. If you are taking an antibiotic, regularly get your blood pressure checked during treatment.

  • Avoid smoking during treatment with antibiotics, as this may be a major factor that may lead to a kidney failure.

  • Avoid taking aminoglycosides class of drugs as far as possible. These drugs are highly toxic and can allow formation of stones in the kidney.

  • Try adding blueberries, apples, cherries, tomatoes and oranges in your daily diet. Use unsweetened juices of blueberries, lemons, apples and fruit drinks, as they can prevent the occurrences of UTI. Consume high fiber content diet, and eat lots of oats, potatoes, yams, psylliumseeds, spinach and green veggies.

  • Use vegetable oil or olive oil in place of butter. You can also use a high level omega-3 oil found in olive oil, vegetable oil or fish. Avoid using excess oil in your food. Also try to include bell peppers, squash, cucumber and potatoes in your daily diet, as they have high antioxidant levels.

  • The best method to prevent kidney infections is to take natural tea supplements. Add one tea spoon of tea in boiling water, filter and drink two times a day.

  • Extracts like cat claw, grape fruit seed, relora, neem seed, milk thistle, buchu and reishi mushroom have excellent properties to fight with kidney infections.

With all these tips, you can easily prevent kidney infections from entering your body, thereby keeping you healthy and happy for many more years to come.


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