How To Make Your 2014 New Year’s Resolution A Success

It is interesting to note that 80% of the New Year’s resolutions people make are to leave bad habits, make some lifestyle changes, and improve their health.

But sadly, most of these resolutions are given up during the month of January itself.

Here are a few tips that you can use to make your New Year’s resolution a success this year:

  • Write your resolution down

girl is writing new year's resolution

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Writing your goals on a piece of paper gives you an increased chance of meeting them with success. Whenever you feel unmotivated, you can read what you have written and you may get motivated once again.

  • Stay committed

Make a decision to show up for your goals within a fixed period of time. Do a ritual, ceremony, or treat yourself whenever you achieve a short-term fitness goal. This will help you in staying committed.

  • Make your resolution public

Let some people know about the New Year’s resolution you have made. The next time they see you, they will definitely ask you how you are keeping up with your resolution.  The fear of anyone asking you will keep you motivated to reach your fitness goals.

  • Make a step by step plan

Write down a step by step approach to what you want to achieve with your New Year’s Resolution. Instead of making a long-term goal, make several short-term goals that will assist you in achieving the long-term goal.  For example, if you want to lose 30 pounds, divide it into several smaller goals such as 2 pounds a week.

  • Set realistic goals

Before you make your New Year’s resolution, make sure that it is realistic and possible. If you tell yourself that you definitely can lose 30 pounds in a month, and you don’t succeed with it, you will feel de-motivated. So, make sure that the goals you have set are realistic.

If your resolution is to workout 2 hours everyday, it may not be possible for you and may not fit into your daily routine.  Take a look at your daily routine and write down the realistic amount of time you know you have to dedicate to your workout and stick to the plan.

  • Use reminders

Once you have set your goals, use different methods to remind yourself. Some people may post their goal in their bathroom mirror, on the fridge, some in their car, and some may put reminders in their iPhones, cell phones or blackberries. Figure out which one may work best for you, and keep focus with those reminders.

One of the best ways to successfully meet your New Year’s resolutions is to tie your goals to a habit you have in your daily life. For example, exercising right after brushing teeth or meditating after checking the mail. Anchoring your new goals and lifestyle changes to existing habits can be a great tool to meet success.

  • May you meet your fitness goals this year with ease and joy!


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