Myths About Breast Cancer Busted

One in every eight women is affected by breast cancer. This disease kills more women around the world than any other type of cancer, except lung cancer.

A young woman with pink backlit background.It is yet not known why women develop breast cancer, and this has led to several myths about the disease. Let’s diffuse some of the myths.



  • Myth 1: Only women with a family history of the disease are at risk for breast cancer

Fact: Around 70% of women with breast cancer do not have a family history of the disease. Of course there are a few statistics that may suggest that family history plays a role in increasing your chances of having breast cancer. For instance, if your first relative such as sibling, parent or child had breast cancer, you have double the chances of developing the disease.

  • Myth 2: Underwire bras can increase your chances of getting breast cancer

Fact: There are claims that such bras compress your breast’s lymphatic system, thereby causing accumulation of toxins and development of breast cancer. Such claims are totally unscientific. According to research studies, your undergarments and other clothes have no connection with the development of breast cancer.

  • Myth 3: Most lumps in your breasts are cancerous

Fact: Around 80% lumps in a woman’s breasts are results of benign cysts, changes and other conditions. However, doctors suggest women to pay attention to any changes in their breasts, as catching breast cancer at an early stage increases the chances of positive outcome with treatments and even complete recovery.

  • Myth 4: Breast implants can increase your chances of developing breast cancer

Fact: Women having breast implants are at no increased risk of having breast cancer.

  • Myth 5: Wearing an antiperspirant increases your chances of having breast cancer

Fact: In a small study, traces of parabens were found in samples of breast cancer tumors. Parabens are used as preservatives in antiperspirants. But these parabens do not have any connection with breast cancer, nor have any sources of parabens in the tumors been identified.

  • Myth 6: Women with small breasts have less chances of having breast cancer

Fact: The size of your breasts and development of breast cancer have no correlation. Larger breasts may be difficult to examine, and MRI and mammograms may be difficult to be conducted. Regardless of breast size, all women with small or large breasts should go for routine checkups and screenings.

  • Many of the myths about breast cancer have been diffused. Now, you will be able to assess your chances of having breast cancer more clearly, without any blind faith interfering.


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