Should I Go to the Office When I’m Sick?

When you wake up in the morning feeling sleepy, sneezing, grumpy and dopey, then the first thing you think about is whether or not you should go to work. After all, you will not be paid if you take the day off, and you will be letting down your team too.

Another big reason for which you should not go to work that day is that you may make others sick because of your infection. So, here are a few reasons why you should skip the office and take rest, and also save your colleagues from getting the infection.

  • You are a danger for others when sick

Close up studio shot of a stressed businessman holding his head in pain

Close up studio shot of a stressed businessman holding his head in pain


You should ask yourself whether your sickness can effect others or not. For example, if you have a headache, it will only affect your concentration and balance, and will not do much harm if you take a tablet and sit at your computer. If you are a pilot or a bus driver, a minor headache can be very dangerous for you, as well as for your passengers. If the medicines you are taking make you dizzy, you will actually do a favor for others by staying at home.

  • You are contagious

Contagion is another important factor to consider if you are thinking about whether you should go to work or not. According to experts, you are contagious well in advance of you realizing that you are sick.

  • But if you work with your colleagues in close quarters, or if you work with small children or elderly people at work, then you may pass your infection onto them.

Cancer patients and people suffering from other chronic conditions are the most vulnerable segment of the society. Even a minor illness can be fatal to them. So, it would be better for you to stay home and allow your sickness to subside before joining the office.

  • Your productivity will be hampered

If you go to the office while you are sick, you will be marked present and your salary will not be deducted, but will you be able to work at the office? You may even end up getting sicker due to lack of rest. So, taking a couple of days off is a better solution.

If you feel that you are sick and you may make others  at work sick too, then it is better to take a sick day and stay at home.