Lose Weight While Playing Sports

If you want to loose weight in a healthy and fun way, then participating in a sports activity can be a sure-shot plan in that direction. Most of the times, experts suggest you to do regular exercise and restrict your diet.

But in some cases, fasting can deprive you of the necessary nutrients, leading to several metabolic diseases and deficiency disorders.

Playing SportsIf you do not want to spend several hours working out in a gym, then sports can come to your rescue. After all, sport is an interesting activity that can engage you for several hours without feeling boredom.

Choose your favorite sport, have fun, enjoy the thrill of victory and loose weight significantly at the same time. Sports can also keep you mentally fit and fresh during the day. Here are the top rated sports activities that can help in losing weight too:


  1. Cycling is an inimitable way of burning calories. It specifically targets your thigh and belly fat. If you are cycling to lose weight, then do not restrict it to picnics and weekends only. Adopt it as a healthy mode of traveling. According to experts, cycling 8 miles in a day can help in reducing 2 pounds per week.


  1. Although this sports activity primarily targets your shoulders, back and arms, it also forces your abs and lumber region which can miraculously bring positive results within 2 weeks. In addition to that, rowing is a joyful sport too. You can invite more friends and people to join you.

  2. Row as teams or compete with others to burn more calories in your abdomen. The only drawback to this sports activity is that you have to go to a lakeside whenever you want to row.


  1. If you long for a figure like a model, then you need to play a game of soccer everyday. 90 minutes of this sport in a field each day ensures that you attain an ideal figure within one month.

  2. Keep in mind that you do not need to play as center forward every time. Goal keeper can also be a good position to start with.


  1. This sport involves a variety of paced movements. In this game, you need to jump, run and change directions at top speeds. One hour of the game everyday can burn around 700 calories.

  2. By burning 3500 calories, you can lose as much as one pound of your fat.

All these sports activities can help you lose weight fast, that too in a fun and enjoyable way. You will not loose your motivation and within a month, you can start losing pounds.