Encourage Your Kids To Exercise

Electronic games, television watching and an inactive lifestyle have become major sources for the lack of exercise. According to experts, children need to accumulate a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate exercise everyday. However, it has been estimated that only one third of children participate actively in daily exercise activities.

A huge percentage of children are receiving no physical exercise at all. You should start teaching your children at a young age that exercise and fitness can be real fun. Kids become fatigued, over-heated and dehydrated much earlier than adults.

Young girl exercising with two pink dumbbells.

Young girl exercising with two pink dumbbells.

So, it becomes difficult to keep them motivated to exercise. Here are a few ways in which you can encourage your children to exercise:

One of the most effective ways to get your children exercising is to increase the overall fitness level of the family and exercise together. Keep a variety of exercises in your exercise regime, which will keep your children enjoying the activities. Exercise should be a fun activity for older children as well, as they may easily get delineated from their exercise routine, and feel attracted to other alternatives. The exercise sessions should not be longer than 30-45 minutes, but they should be held on a regular basis.

Everyone in the group should enjoy exercising, but make sure that they do not become too rigid or too competitive in nature, especially with younger children. Family exercise time results in improved family bonding time as well. As each member of the family enjoys exercising, it will be easier to schedule the exercise sessions accordingly. The good health habits you teach your children during this time will remain with them for their lifetime.

The exercise sessions do not need to be boring and monotonous. Go out for walks, play at the park or beach, go bike riding, go  swimming, etc. You can consider purchasing a mini-trampoline and jump with your children to encourage them.

You can take your kids to the gym with you so that they can watch you exercising. Allow them to use light-weights at home. Ask them to roll balls on the floor and chase them on all fours.

If your kids are older, you can encourage them to get involved in sports activities such as softball and soccer. You can take your dog for a walk together, and take a small vacation which should include walking, biking, and swimming.

If you want to get your kids exercising, you will also have to exercise with them. Go out and participate in activities with your children. In this way, their exercise session will become a fun moment tha they will look forward to every day.