How to Exercise While on Vacation

If you think going away means giving up your fitness routine, think again. There are tons of things you can do to keep active when you’re away from home — and many of those can be incorporated into your holiday get away.

Join a walking tour if you want to explore the town. Skip the bus or mini-van tour.  Instead, look for a company that offers walking tours.

walking on the beach

A man in a bright orange shirt enjoys a morning walk on the beach..

Not only are walks a good way to get some exercise in (most walking tours last 60 to 90 minutes), but they’ll also give you a chance to explore a different side of the city, taking you to sights and places you might not have a chance to see otherwise.

  • Pick active things to do

If you go somewhere warm, don’t just lie on the beach or next to the pool all day. Instead, go snorkeling, jump in the pool or try windsurfing (a lot tougher than it looks!). In the wintertime, go skiing or try snowshoeing if you’re not balanced enough to slide down a mountain.

  • Rent a bike

Biking is not just a way to explore trails — although that’s a lot of fun too. Many coastal towns rent bikes so you can ride next to the beach or explore city streets. Try it out one afternoon and enjoy the fresh air and meeting the locals.

  • Bring some exercise equipment along

Sure, you could rent a room in a hotel with a gym, but chances are the gym is only open at certain times of the day and only has certain equipment available. It might be more practical to bring some resistance bands, which are lightweight (no need to carry dumbbells around) and easy to use. Even a jump rope could be a good option, as long as you remember not to jump too early or too late — which would make the guests below you not very happy.

  • Hike

This would require planning a trip to a place where you can actually hike, but why not? Go camping for the weekend or rent a cute room in a bed and breakfast and spend the morning hiking the local hills. It’s a great way to unwind and to enjoy nature — and it doesn’t require much in the way of equipment or expenses.

We take a vacation to get away from work and stress in our daily lives, but in order to stay healthy, exercise is something that should follow you everywhere you go.



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