Strategies to Avoid Belly Fat Even With Hectic Work Schedule

Most office jobs today require you to sit on your seat for long hours, which ultimately results in a protruding belly bulge. Here are some strategies which you can incorporate in your work schedule to avoid belly fat:

  • Keep eating healthy

Young business girlEating healthy things while working at your desk can stop your stomach from bulging out. If you keep eating a fruit while working, you will be saved from snacking around, and as a result, you will not receive additional fat at the office. Give preference to vegetables in your diet, and avoid pasta, breads, extra cheese, etc.

  • Drink small sips of water

Whenever you feel thirsty, do not gulp down a full glass of water. This will diminish your thirst and cause your stomach to protrude. Instead, drinking small sips of water during the day is a better habit to keep belly fat at bay. Drinking full glasses of water while sitting lousily can make your tummy bulge out. Also avoid consuming alcohol or fizzy drinks at your work desk.

  • Opt for lighter snacks

If you feel hungry at work, munch on walnuts, almonds, peas or cashews instead of snacking on a cheese sandwich. Other healthier options may include one cheese slice, a protein shake, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc.

  • Correct body posture to be healthier

Sitting lazily or slouching on your office chair is a pretty common scene in most workplaces. This may be because of illness, tiredness, boredom or last night’s hang over. If you really want to lose belly fat, sit with your back straight on your office chair.

  • Exercise secretly on your office chair

There are some breathing and yoga exercises that you can do while sitting on your office desk itself, without even letting anyone know. But make sure that you do not exercise right after your lunch. Wait for at least 2 hours before you begin exercising.

  • Take a walk around the office

If your office is a short distance from home, try walking everyday. If you need to drive to work, try to park your car at a distance from your office so that you can walk to it. If your office is not on the ground floor, try to climb up stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.  If all that is not possible, get up from your work desk from time to time and take a walk around the office.

Keeping the health of their employees in mind, most offices have started building a gym on their premises. Try becoming a member of these gyms and exercise whenever you get time during office hours.


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