Surprising Cures of Yoga such as Depression, Memory loss and Overeating.

If you are feeling blue, the best cure can be hitting the yoga mat. A few minutes of yoga everyday can always keep you cheered up. According to recent research studies, yoga has the capability of relieving a variety of mental health woes, from memory problems to depression.

While improving your attention and focus, and helping you relax, yoga has some other cures you may find surprising.

  • Depression

Attractive young woman doing yoga exercises Symptoms of depression in elderly adults were seen falling by 20% after 3 months of yoga every week, and 40% after 6 months. Yoga was also found to be more effective in relieving depression in adults  recovering from alcohol dependence.

  • Memory loss

Studies found that students who practiced yoga for 8 weeks received significant improvements in their exam scores. Such students were also found to have better concentration, short-term memory, multi-tasking capabilities, and several other mental health measures.

  • Overeating

Excessive eating dropped by 50% among obese and overweight women after 12 weeks of practicing yoga. Women who practiced yoga also found it easier to stick to their diet regimes, and they were also seen physically active. If you are planning to lose weight and control your eating habits, then consider practicing yoga.

  • Schizophrenia

Patients suffering from Schizophrenia experienced reduced aggression after just 2 months of yoga once per week. Yoga also improved their willingness to take medicines regularly, and relieved the disease’s symptoms by as much as 30%.

  • Insomnia

Elderly people who practiced yoga 3 times per week for 6 months reported having improved sleep quality. They also reported feeling less depressed and feeling sharper during the day.

  • Improved metabolism

Some yoga poses apply pressure on your thyroid gland while others press into your abdomen. This massages your entire gut and gives it a youthful tone. The abdominal pressure affects your pancreas positively, thereby normalizing your blood sugar levels. Often, diabetic patients are seen reacting to yoga miraculously. Their normal blood sugar levels are restored within just 6 weeks of daily yoga practice.

  • Immunity boost

Yoga is known to be one of the most effective and natural immunity boosters. Doctors usually encourage chronic ailment patients to practice yoga as a defensive technique. Meditation is said to increase your immune T-cells, thereby boosting your immunity.

With all of these cures yoga can provide to your mind and body, make yoga a regular part of your daily schedule. With just a few minutes of yoga everyday, you can enjoy a healthier and longer life.