Top Reasons Why You Should Avoid Eating Table Sugar

Refined starch, commonly known as table sugar, is responsible for a number of ailments in human body. These ailments are significant enough to motivate you to change your eating habits.

sugar on the appleEating excessive table sugar in daily diet can cause you to suffer from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, vitamin B deficiency, mental illnesses and bad tooth cavity. Let us know more about this in detail.


  • Cardiovascular diseases

Sugar is the major cause for several cardiovascular diseases. Chances of a coronary illness are minimal if you eat a diet that is rich in fat but free of sugar.

  • Bad tooth cavity

Because of high acidic content in sugar, it is directly linked to tooth decay, and other such dental related problems. Bad tooth cavity caused due to sugar is so widespread in western parts of the world that WHO has ranked it the third dental and oral disease, after cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

  • Diabetes

We immediately associate excessive sugar with diabetes. With no fiber and no nutritional value, obesity is also a direct result of sugar, which can be the reason for several other health related problems.

  • Vitamin B deficiency

You should also be aware of the fact that sugar can result in deficiency of vitamin B in your body. Vitamin B is needed in large amounts to absorb glucose in your blood. Since sugar utilizes vitamin B in your body, it may result in vitamin B deficiency. Symptoms of vitamin B deficiency include nervous exhaustion, depression, fatigue and lack of perception, memory and concentration.

  • Mental illnesses

According to studies, excessive sugar in your body can lead to a number of mental illnesses. It can also be responsible for upsetting your body’s metabolism, creating digestive disorders too.

  • Cancer

Sugar is known to feed cancer cells in your body, and may be linked with cancer in the breast, rectum, prostate, ovaries, biliary tract, pancreas, stomach, gall bladder and lung.

  • Anxiety disorders

Sugar may cause rapid rise in adrenaline, leading to difficulty concentrating, anxiety, hyperactivity and crankiness, not only in children, but also in adults. First thing that a doctor recommends to a patient with anxiety disorder is to eliminate table sugar.

  • Aging process

Because sugar does not have any nutritional value, it also accelerates aging process. To remain healthy, you need to consume the necessary minerals and vitamins to maintain your energy and vigor. Sugar is not only void of any nutrients, it also zaps your body of several nutrients that are already there.

Once you know why you should avoid eating table sugar, you can start living a healthier life, that too for longer.


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