Can You Skip A Workout Today?

Dithering is something almost everyone of us do at some time or other, especially when it comes to exercise. You always have an excuse, you may be too tired, you may have many other things to do, or you may justify it by saying that you will do it later or you will do some extra work tomorrow.

The next time such feelings come into your mind, answer these questions before skipping your workout:

  • Will you regret skipping the workout?

Towel girlIt may feel good to stay in bed and sleep for half an hour more.  Is this half hour worth the consequences you will face if you don’t workout? Instant gratification that you feel by staying in bed may be rewarding, but this good feeling will wear off soon, and you will be left with a feeling of guilt.

  • Have you exercised much this week?

Look back to see how much you have exercised this week. Decide if you have exercised enough to afford a day off.  If you have exercised sincerely for the entire week, a day off may allow your body to re-energize and recover. If you have skipped more than once this week, you should become alert, as skipping the workout is becoming a habit for you.

  • Will you make up for the missed workout?

Even if you skip your workout today, promise yourself that you will make up for it. You may decide to do it later, after work, before bed or early tomorrow morning. Will you actually do it?

  • Do you have a good reason to skip a workout?

If you are tired, injured or sick, you should get rest. If it is just lack of motivation, you should remind yourself of all the benefits of exercise. Imagine all of those people who are exercising right now. If they are doing it, why not you? Think about how good you will feel after the workout. Remember that starting the exercise is the toughest part. Once you get out of bed, you will keep going.

  • Will missing the workout affect your fitness goals?

If you are trying to shed pounds, exercising will burn calories, build endurance and improve strength. If you skip the workout today, none of this will happen. Can you afford that?

To stay motivated, try to write down your fitness goals, receive support from a friend, and try to exercise in a group setting. Try to add some fun to your workout plan, such as music, so that it does not become boring in a few days.