Health Benefits of Surfing

Surfing is a popular sport among men and women of all ages, skill levels and abilities. Surfing can give you much more emotional and physical benefits than just spending time on water in the sun.

This water sport promotes health and well being, including strength in the shoulders, legs, back and core, and cardiovascular fitness too.

Whether you surf on a short or long board, you are sure to gain more from it than you might even know.

  • Health Benefits:

- Heart and cardiovascular health

- Muscle tone

- Increased energy

- Endurance

- Core

- Back

- Legs

- Shoulders

  • Strength Training

Young Surfers

Three young guys getting ready to head out and ride waves.

While surfing, you have to do several types of standing and paddling on the surfboard.

Arm paddling gives strength to your back muscles and arms, as you lay close to the nose of the board while using your arms. You do kick paddling while lying near the board’s end and paddling with legs.

You do combination paddling when you go faster by using your legs and arms.

All these types of paddling elevate the surfer’s heart rate, thereby strengthening the lungs and heart. Standing on the board improves your leg and core strength, thus improving your balance.

Staying physically active can extend your life span, and reduce the chances of having colon cancer and stroke.

  • Weight Loss

Surfing can help in losing weight too. On an average, a person weighing 200 pounds can burn as much as 286 calories in one hour of surfing. By burning calories, you lose weight. However, how much weight you lose while surfing depends on how frequently you surf, what your metabolism speed is and how much you eat.

  • Mental Benefits of Surfing

According to experts, surfing can help a person in learning patience and achieve peace of mind while on water. While surfing, you have to focus on the waves and your board only, and exclude all other thoughts about your life. This can be a great relief from anxiety and stress in your life.

After a surfing session, you go back home with a rejuvenated mind and body, which in turn makes you happier and healthier.

All in all, surfing makes a person feel good. Almost any kind of exercise and outdoor activity works best to elevate mood, and surfing is not any different. Only half an hour of surfing can increase positive feelings in your mind, decrease negative feelings, reduce fatigue and enhance feelings of tranquility.


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