How to Stay Fit During Winters

Whenever the weather starts getting colder, most of us become slothful and lose motivation to stay fit. While this might be the normal response system of our bodies, it is not healthy to stop exercising during the winter months.

girl snowborderHere are a few tips you can use to stay fit during winters too:

  • Set goals

It is hard to stay motivated when lying under the blanket seems to be more appealing than getting up and going for training. To keep your motivation high, set goals about your fitness and remind yourself whenever you feel lethargic. Such goals may be losing 4lbs by the end of the season or anything like that.

  • Stretch in bed itself

Stretching in bed can be a good way to start circulating blood in chilly weather. When your alarm clock rings, do not get up. Start stretching exercises in bed. Raise your hands over your head, slowly reach your toes, stretch, and hold for 15 seconds. Then lie on your right side, swing the left leg over the right one, bring your left knee towards your chin and lay it down again. Bend the head towards your left leg and stretch the neck. Repeat on both sides.

Give a good stretch to your spine too. Lie on your back and tuck your knees under your arms. Bend your head down to touch your chin to your chest. After this stretching, you will get warmed up enough to get out of bed and start rocking.

  • Have some sunlight

Do not coop yourself up indoor all the day. Your body needs vitamin D, and sunlight is the best source for it. You may take vitamin supplements too, but nothing can beat the sun’s warmth on your cheeks. Take breaks from whatever you do indoors and take a 10 minute walk around your block to get some sun rays. Brisk walking can be a very beneficial exercise to do outdoors. When you go outside, you get better opportunities to stretch your body too.

  • Dress appropriately

When you go out to walk or jog, do not forget to dress appropriately. Otherwise, you will just end up making yourself ill. Wear gloves or mittens, scarf, thermal socks or two regular socks and hats, headbands or toques. Your footwear should have traction to prevent any falls on the icy surfaces outside. If you are skiing or snowboarding, do not forget the helmet.

  • The important thing is to stay active, happy and fit even on the gloomy, cold days. Just stretch indoors, have some moderate activities outdoors and you will stay fit even during the winter.