Importance of Wearing Gloves While Exercising

Weight training has become an in-thing now-a-days. Whether you are an older adult or an athlete, weight training exercises are the same: you have to use dumbbells, barbells and other machines for strengthening your muscles.

The problem that most people encounter after lifting weights is blisters on their hands, especially with women. That is why it is good to wear gloves before starting your workout.

  • Choosing the right gloves for exercising

A man going fast on his sled

A man going fast on his sled

Different types of gloves are available for exercisers, including those made of nylon, leather, and neoprene. Some cover your full fingers, while others cover only half of your fingers, leaving your finger tips open.  You have to choose the one as per your comfort level, size and weight you want to lift with them.

Here are some of the benefits that wearing gloves can provide while exercising:

  • Gloves provide a snug grip

If you are training with heavy weights, you will immediately feel the difference when you grasp the bar wearing gloves. While performing an exercise which needs your back to fall down towards the floor, such as a dead lift, you want to reach muscle fatigue before your hands start feeling pain. Most of the time, you are not able to complete a set because your hands start to feel pain. By wearing gloves, you will be able to complete the set and your muscles will get stimulated better. In addition to that, gloves also prevent slip of the weight from your grip. In this way, you will be able to focus better on your exercise rather than focusing on the grip of the bar.

  • Gloves provide protection

Blisters and calluses are the results of friction between the metal bar and your hands. These blisters are painful, especially if you are a beginner trainer. With time, the scars left by these blisters become visible, making your hands ugly and rough. You may also cut or scratch your hands with flakes on an over-used metal bar. By wearing gloves, your hands stay protected from any such damage.

  • Gloves give you a sense of confidence

Wearing gloves can boost your confidence level. Because you know that your hands are safe and the metal bar will not slip through your hands, you feel encouraged to lift more weight.

By wearing gloves, you can give all of your energy to your muscles, as a result of which, you are able to perform your activities correctly with all your might. Due to this, you gain maximum benefits out of your weight training.