Things To Keep In Mind Before Purchasing a Treadmill

Based on several studies, treadmills have been proven to provide the most effective way of burning calories, as compared to most other exercise machines; including rowing ergometer, cycle ergometer, cross-country skiing simulator, and stair stepper.

The treadmill is an integral part of every gym and health care center. So, if you are planning to buy a treadmill for yourself, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

Construction of the treadmill

  • First of all, look at the machine’s motor size which would determine its longevity. The horsepower of the treadmill can either be measured at continuous duty or at peak duty. It should be at least 2hp at continuous duty, which will be able to accommodate a user weighing over 180 pounds.

    A woman smiling and work out at Gym

    A woman smiling and work out at Gym

  • Examine the belt of the treadmill. The belt should be a minimum two-ply, 49 inches long and 17 inches wide. The thickness of the board should be at least one inch.

  • The deck serves as a cushion for your feet, back, legs and joints. The treadmill that you purchase should have a low-impact deck which can flex under your feet, thereby absorbing shock with no rebounding. This feature is particularly essential for people with back and foot problems, and shin splints.

  • Also give attention to the treadmill’s frame. Some may have a steel frame while others have an aircraft aluminum frame. The aluminum ones offer extra flexibility for the absorption of impact, and they do not rust or corrode either. Aluminum frames are lighter in weight and easier to move.

Programming attributes

Basic programming attributes of a treadmill include variable speed, distance, calories and time. However, they rarely use the user’s information, and their calorie counters are not very accurate. Some highly attributed treadmills may have preset programs which automatically change your workout intensity by reducing or raising elevation and reducing or increasing the speed. Some treadmills also come with heart-rate control programs which modify the exercise intensity at the level of the user’s weight and age.


Most of the manufacturers give a warranty only against manufacturing defects. If you weigh more than the treadmill’s specifications, your warranty will be voided. Some machines come with a life-time warranty on the frame, while some may give a warranty on its components and features too. Depending on the treadmill’s quality and price, the warranty may be 90 days to 3 years. You may even consider purchasing a renewable extended warranty which can cover everything from labor to parts.

Before you purchase a treadmill, make sure that it offers you a smooth ride, it is easy to operate, and comes with a good warranty period. This product will stay with you for a long time and you should keep all these things in mind before giving away your money.