What You Should Wear While Exercising

What you wear during workouts largely depends on the kinds of exercises you have included in your exercise plan. Whatever you wear should keep you comfortable even if you are drenched up in sweat.

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In addition to that, they should also help in enhancing your performance, and at the same time, make you look good.

  • Aerobic and cardio exercises

Since such exercises need a lot of movement, you should go for normal to tight-fitting clothes. For your jogging, running, walking, cycling and aerobic exercises, look for tight-fitting sizes of sweat pants, sweat shirts, bike shorts, tank tops and plain white tees. For ladies, micro mini shorts, tight fitting tights, sports bras and tank tops are a better option.

  • Heavy exercises

For heavy exercises such as weight lifting, body toning and weight training, you can have a selection of fit or loose clothes. It is a matter of your choice. Loose clothes will give you a feeling of comfort while exercising, as they will allow lot of air to move around you. Some examples may include loose jerseys, jumpers, oversize t-shirts, pants and muscle tank tops.

  • Drawback

But one drawback is that the sag and drag of baggy clothes may make it difficult for you to move from one equipment to the other. Tight-fitting apparel can also be a good option. They might not be as comfortable on your body as loose ones, but once you get used to them, you will realize that they allow you to move around freely. In addition to that, such clothes will also allow you to know what developments you have made on your body with exercising. Such clothes include tank tops, jersey, fit T-shirts, body hugger shirts and sweat pants, cycling shorts etc.

  • Pilates and Yoga

Such exercises need you to stretch your limits, but a person doing these may not sweat very seriously. Therefore, the best wear will be comfortable yoga pants with a tank top or a sports bra. You can also wear a shirt, but they should be able to enhance your capability, instead of retarding it.

  • Whatever you wear while exercising, they should not only make you look good, but also allow you to bring out the best performance in you. You do not need to spend thousands on exercise clothes from popular brands, but make sure that they are the right fit and fabric to give you ultimate comfort during workouts.


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